Personal income Tax

Our team can help you prepare and file your tax returns and deal with the complexities of ever changing tax laws.


Tax Planning

Estate Returns

Paterson & Company can help with the preparation and filing of final tax returns for deceased individuals and work with you and your lawyer or investment advisor on making sure the tax returns are accurate, complete and filed on time. We will work with you to close the account with Canada Revenue Agency and file for clearance.

Tax Audits, Special Projects

Paterson & Company as part of your personal tax service will handle any requests by Canada Revenue Agency for information. We will represent you the taxpayer and work with auditors from Canada Revenue Agency for desk and full audits. Paterson & Company can work with you on the voluntary disclosure program should it be appropriate in your circumstances.

Individual Needs, Individual Services.

Every tax situation is different, and so our services are different for every client. We work around you and your schedule, needs, and expectations to deliver the best services possible. If you’re interested in having Paterson & Company take care of your personal taxes, fill out the forms below that apply to you, submit them to us, and allow us to get in touch with you concerning the tax opportunities available to you.