Corporate Services


Financial Statements

Do you need annual financial statements to report to your bank, owners or other interested parties? We would be pleased to prepare or assist you in the preparation of your statements in an efficient and timely manner. Included in the pricing is an annual meeting to go over trends in your business and calls during the year to discuss and resolve issues.

Corporate Income Tax

Paterson & Company can prepare your Corporate Income Tax returns and deal with any questions that the Canada Revenue Agency may have during the year. We will work with you during any tax audit which may come up. If you choose to have us prepare or review your financial statements, preparation and filing of your corporate tax returns in normally part of the package.

Corporate restructuring

Paterson & Company looks at your current business ownership and identifies tax planning opportunities using structures such as holding companies and family trusts.


Paterson &  Company can work with you to secure and maintain financing and to help you to provide the required financial communication with your lending institution.

Every Company is different. Every owner is different

Everyone works in a different way. Some of our clients want us to be involved in every business decision they make. Some just want to meet once a year to go over their financial statements and tax returns and confirm that their understanding of their financial situation is the same as ours. We will meet with you and design a service package that is right for what you need and what you want.